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30A, input 19~32V / output 12~15V

Product code: 2171

€ 109,95
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    This new series of non-isolated digital DC-DC Step Down Converter with micro-processor control for fine adjustment of output voltage to optimally suit the loading condition.
    The 3 digit LED display shows: output voltage, current, operation mode and fault status

    It is further equipped with 4 special features:
  • 1. A full powered 2 Stage Charger with 14.3V Bulk & 13.6V Float Charge.
  • 2. A Remote Control terminal that turns off the converter when the Ignition is switched off, preventing discharging of starter battery. This terminal can be used with other external on-off switch set up.
  • 3. A Remote Voltage Sensing at load point to ensure accurate output voltage for distant load/ battery to ensure optimal operation.
  • 4. An independent, separate and always-on output (0.5A 13.8VDC) for essential devices such as security system that requires a permanent dc source. It can also be used for the remote on off switch.

  • Micro-Processor Control with switching mode power design.
  • 19 -36VDC Input with adjustable Output 12 to 15VDC in 0.2V step.
  • 3digit LCD display for Current, Voltage, Operation Mode and Protection Diagnosis .
  • 2 Stage full powered charger mode with 14.3V bulk and 13.6V float charge.
  • Remote Voltage Sensing for optimal powering of distant load or charging battery.
  • Remote control terminal auto On/ Off with ignition control and other external on/off switch.
  • An independent always-on auxiliary output (0.5A, 13.8V) to power critical electronic device or the remote on off switch.
  • 8 fail- save protections of which 6 with diagnostic code at the LED display.
  • Input under voltage warning has remote alarm connection.
  • Optional accessory AVS-5025 vibration sensor to automatically control the On-Off charging operation without touching the carís electrical system at all. This is ideal for non-technical users.

    Extensive Protection
    Multi-stage software based safety device with early warnings of impeding shut down faults for low input voltages. Most of the protections are self recoverable when conditions return to normal with 6 diagnostic code on the LED display.
  • Input under voltage (self recoverable)
  • Input over voltage (internal fuse)
  • Output over voltage (self recoverable)
  • Output short circuit (self recoverable)
  • Output overload (self recoverable)
  • Output (battery) reversed polarity (internal fuse)
  • Over temperature (self recoverable)
  • Fan Stuck Fault (jammed object removed -> self recoverable)

  • Download files for K-PO / MANSON SDC 5330

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    SDC-5330 / 5340 / 5360 user manual 5360 user manual.PDF 471.18 KB 2019-10-11 13:55:01

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