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K-PO SDC 5220

18-20A, input 18~38V / output 13,8V

K-PO SDC 5220
Product code: 2169

€ 71,95
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    The SDC-5220 voltage reducer is offering regulated 13.2V DC power from 20-30VDC sources such as Land Rovers, commercial vehicles, recreation vehicles, farming equipment and other diesel power vehicles. It is implemented by using Switching Mode Power Supply technology to make it generate less heat and hence higher efficiency. Advanced design, quality production control and sturdy construction assure continue stability and reliability.

  • Overload Protection: When the output current is being over the limitation, the overload circuitry is activated and the output voltage and current are reduced to protect the unit.

  • Over Voltage Protection: When the output terminal appears over the voltage output limit, the over voltage protection is activated and the output voltage is shut down to protect the unit and your equipment. Its protection is always kept even though output load is removed. The unit can be reset by disconnect of input about 5-10 seconds.

  • High RFI Stability: The unit is designed for high protection circuitry against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) provides a stable operation without affected bij RFI.

  • Separate LED indicator for operation and fault status.

  • Reliable clip-on mounting bracket construction for easy installation even in hard to get to spot.

  • Input Voltage Range: 18Vdc to 38Vdc
  • Output Voltage: 13.2Vdc
  • Continuous Output Current: 18A
  • Maximum Output Current at 30% Duty Cycle: 20A
  • No Load Current: <80mA
  • Ripple & Noise (p-p): <300mV
  • Ripple & Noise (r.m.s.): <25mV
  • Load Regulation: <100mV
  • Line Regulation: <50mV
  • Efficiency: >90%
  • Protections: OVP (Output Over-Voltage Protection), Loss of Earth Protection, Self Reset Protection: a) Reverse Polarity Protection, b) Overload Protection, c) Short Circuit Protection
  • Indications: Green LED-OPERATE and Red LED-FAULT
  • Input & Output Connection type: Push-on Flat Blade Connectors
  • Cooling System: Natural Convection
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 50 Celsius
  • e-Mark Approval No.: E4 10R-02 XXXX
  • Dimension (WxHxD) mm: 162x75x32
  • Weight: 365 gram
  • Accessory: Clip-on Mounting Bracket set and Screw, Slip-on Receptacles

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