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Multi Channel CB Mobile Transceiver

Product code: 1313

€ 149,95
incl. VAT

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    After M‐10 and M‐20, the «M» series of Midland CB radios is widened by
    the brand new model M‐30.
    M‐30 is the «professional CB» full optional with so many functions and
    First of all, it can be installed on any vehicle thanks to the remarkable 12
    and 24V power supply.
    M‐30 includes all the important CB features and moreover, boasts 6 programmable channels to which you can assign the functions.

    The wide multicolor TFT display clearly shows the functions enabled
    and assigned to the programmable channels.
    M‐30 includes the digital automatic squelch (DS) that can be adjusted in
    9 different levels and the voice enhancer that emphasizes the bass
    tones to improve the incoming audio.It is possible to store up to 8 channels and to set the immediate
    selection of the emergency channels 9 and 19.
    Differently from all CB radios, M‐30 includes a Rosmeter with protection
    function (programmable through the optional software) which is able to
    protect the radio in case of high SWR values.
    Amongst the many features included in M‐30, we mention the Dual
    to monitor two channels at the same time, the automatic turning
    on and off
    and the channel number or channel number+frequency band
    The microphone with RJ145 connector supplied in the package has 3
    controls in the upper part: UP/DOWN/priority channel.
    M‐30 is programmable thanks to the optional programming kit PRG‐30
    cod. C1318.
    COMPLYING TO 2014/53/UE

    The package includes
  • M‐30 transceiver
  • Microphone
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mike holder
    Main features:
  • Multi‐function CB with 6 programmable buttons
  • Multi‐color wide TFT display
  • 12V‐24V power supply
  • Metal chassis
  • Programmable buttons
  • Channel number or channel number+frequency band displayed
  • AM/FM multi band
  • Automatic Digital Squelch adjustable in different levels
  • Rosmeter and S‐Meter
  • RF‐gain

  • Download files for MIDLAND M30

    Download File Size Last Modified
    MIDLAND M-30 Manual MIDLAND M-30 Manual.pdf 2.08 MB 2018-09-13 09:26:48

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