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JCD - 201M Echo President P6

Product code: 4012085
Factory code: 4012085

JCD Power Echo desk microphone for use with most President CB radios that use the DNC 520 U/D microphone. With working UP and DOWN function!

Not for use with the President Lincoln II+, McKinley and President CB radios that use another type of microphone.

The microphone is powered via the microphone cable. Use only the supplied microphone cable. Only microphone port A can be used on this modified President version.

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  • Suitable for: President Andy / President Barry ASC / President Barry II ASC / President Bill ASC / President Bill II ASC / President Grant II ASC / President Harrison II ASC / President Harry II ASC / President Harry III ASC / President Henry ASC / President Jackson II / President JFK II / President Johnny II / President Johnny III / President Johnson II / President Johnson II VOX / President Martin ASC / President Richard / President Ronald / President Taylor II Classic / President Taylor III ASC / President Taylor IV ASC / President Tommy / President Truman / President Walker / President Walker II ASC / President George II ASC /
  • Up down: Yes
  • Lock button: Yes
  • Echo Function: Yes
  • TX warning: Yes
  • Connector for optional PTT: Yes
  • Microphone type: Power microphone / Echo microphone

Mechanical data

  • Microphone connector: 6-pin