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Constant Power Lab Power Supplies 1-32V DC / 0-20 AMP

Produkt ID: 81900

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    These are cost effective remote programming power supplies with lab graded performance. They are ideal for laboratory , university , work shop , production , quality control and advanced DIY. Computer interface via USB or LAN for cyclical operation. Waveform generator for output voltage. Support SCPI industrial standard.

  • Remote Programmable via USB or LAN(with optional LAN Card)
  • On housing 10 Steps Waveform generator with cycle periods running
  • 3 users defined V & I panel presets for frequent use
  • Standard Commands of Programmable Instruments (SCPI) command syntax
  • Analogue Remote Control of V, I & output On-Off without computer
  • Rotary encoder knob with definitive action of fine and coarse tuning
  • Smart cooling fan speed control from zero to full speed
  • Self diagnostic check on LED display and cooling fan on start up
  • Isolated ground , Active PFC & high power efficiency
  • Universal AC input
  • Over load , Tracking Over Voltage Protections
  • Constant Current limit setting with output open circuit
  • Output Voltage 1-32V
  • Input Current 0-20A

  • Download files for MANSON KPS-6402

    Download Datei Größe Letzte Änderung
    KPS-6402 Series Catalogue KPS-6402 Series Catalogue.pdf 515.61 KB 2018-08-16 14:50:58
    User Manual KPS Series User Manual KPS Series.pdf 701.51 KB 2018-08-16 14:49:20

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