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    Smokeye Fog is a security system that protects the home or business in which it was installed by providing an intense fog (not toxic, doesn't leave residve, not irritation) impenetrable, which makes it impossible to see what surrounds us. The mist is delivered as soon as the alarm system detects an intrusion. The surprise effect unlike with traditional alarm systems, leads the attacker to desist being prevented from any kind of movement than to flee. Consider that most theft occurs in the first 4 minutes from intrusion and that the thief, knowing the time between reporting the theft and the arrival of law enforcement / supervisory work undisturbed, provides a smokey immediate protection by covering this period.

  • Can work both independently (stand alone) to be connected to any alarm system
  • Connection of immediate and autonomous
  • Presence of the buffer battery in the absence of power supply (2 hours of battery life) 230V / 50Hz
  • Total supply is time to 240 seconds
  • Charge immediately by the user through a special refill
  • 10 sensors connected to an alarm system
  • Radiocontrolled
  • Staff wall fixing
  • Weight 16 kg

    Basic equipment:

  • 2 Refill of 120 seconds of each code. 35009003
  • 2 remote code. 35009001
  • A buffer battery 12V - 2.3 A list code 02090068
  • Wall mount list code 35009002

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