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Product code: 5000365

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    The Tecsun PL-365 radio is the latest model in our truly handheld range of multiband radios. The unique shape and size of the Tecsun PL-365 design was based around the requirements of our military and law enforcement customers so that the radio could easily fit onto a belt clip or into a pants or backpack pocket.

    The Tecsun PL-365’s RF design has been upgraded and now utilises the SiLabs Si 4735 chipset (the earlier model PL-360 utilised the Si 4734 chipset). The new chipset adds Single Side Band (SSB) to the Tecsun PL-365 as well as increasing the coverage of the SW band up to 30 MHz. The Tecsun PL-365 further improves audio clarity of received signals by utilising Digital Signal Processing technology to process the received audio and cancel out any background and RF noise.

    Improvements have been made to extend the battery life of the Tecsun PL-365 out to a maximum of 225 hours on a set of three Alkaline AA cells. Additionally, the Tecsun PL-365 also includes internal charging capabilities to recharge AA cells (not supplied) via the radio’s USB connection port.

    Features carried over from the previous model (Tecsun PL360) include the use of an external ferrite rod antenna for AM reception. The use of an external ferrite rod antenna with the Tecsun PL-365 is to overcome the form factor limitation of the handheld style and provide impressive AM (MW) performance for its class. Further improvements of AM reception can be achieved by utilising the radio with our Tecsun AN-200 AM Loop Antenna. The Tecsun PL-365 is the only radio in the Tecsun range apart from the Tecsun S2000 Desktop Radio to provide an external antenna connection for the AM/MW band. The Tecsun PL-365 Radio is an ideal radio to use for AM/MW EMI surveys because of its external AM antenna, ability to accept customised antennas and its display showing signal strength in dBuV.

    The Tecsun PL-365 provides extended FM coverage down to 76 MHz, allowing the radio to receive broadcasts not intended for the general public. The Tecsun PL-365 supports our patented Easy Tune Method (ETM) which is a one touch automatic scan and memorise feature that scans the selected band and stores received signals in a temporary memory allowing for quick selection between stored signals.

    To connect external antennas to the Tecsun PL-365 Radio use our 3.5mm to BNC Antenna Adaptor (not included).

    Frequency range:
  • FM: 87-108 MHz, Japan: 76-108 MHz, EU / USA: 87.5-108MHz
  • LW: 150-520 kHz
  • MW: 522-1620, USA: 520-1710 kHz , step 9 / 10 kHz
  • SW:1711-29999 kHz

  • FM (S/N=30 dB) Less than 3µVolt.
  • MW (S/N=26dB) Less than 1mV/m.
  • LW (S/N=26 dB) Less than 10mV/m.
  • SW (S/N=26 dB) Less than 30µVolt.
  • SSB (S/N=10 dB) Less than 3µVolt.

  • FM: >60dB
  • MW: >60dB
  • LW: >60dB
  • SW: >60dB

  • FM Stereo crosstalk: Less than 25 dB
  • Memory: 550
  • Output: 350 mW
  • Power: UM3 or AA 3x or USB 5V DC
  • Speaker: 500mW/16 Ohm
  • Earphone Jack 3.5mm ,8~32 Ohm, Stereo
  • 539(W) X 159(H)X26(D) mm
  • Weight: 128g (Batteries not included)

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