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Yaesu - FTA-750L

Product code: XAA001N042-1E
Factory code: XAA001N042-1E
Barcode: 4909959138030

The Yaesu FTA-750L combines tradition with innovation. Born from a history of high quality communications the FTA-750L now includes a 66 channel GPS receiver for reliable navigation. Boasting an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-750L Airband Transceiver / GPS provides full communication on the Aircraft communications Band and additionally provides VOR and ILS navigation features on the "NAV" band, and waypoint navigation with the built in GPS receiver. The FTA-750L includes NOAA weather band monitoring and the capability of programming up to 200 memory channels with a quick and easy channel recall feature. The brand new easy to operate menu system is icon driven making it simple to navigate through all of the powerful features this transceiver / GPS has to offer. Additionally the FTA-750L can easily be reprogrammed in minutes using the optional PC Programming software and the supplied USB programming cable.

Now Meets MIL-STD-810F

The FTA-750L has now been tested and complies with the Military Standard MIL-STD-810F. Similar to commercial Land Mobile radios, all current Yaesu Airband Transceivers have been tested for durability against Low temperatures, High temperatures, Shock, Vibration, Dust and Rain, ensuring many years of rugged use.

Integrated 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver

The FTA-750L features an integrated 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver providing the capability of quickly storing current position information as well as manually entering in waypoints for reliable navigation. When a waypoint is activated the navigation screen features a compass display with Bearing, Course over ground, distance and speed information.

GPS Position Logging operation

The FTA-750L includes a GPS Logging feature when activated automatically stores your position information at preset intervals. This is a great feature when backtracking is necessary.

ILS Navigation (Localizer and Glide Slope)

When the FTA-750L receives an ILS signal, the display will automatically switch to the NAV band screen which shows a CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) based on the received localizer signal or the glide slope signal. Course and height deviation are clearly presented on the color CDI display, and aid with the landing approach under bad weather conditions.

VOR Navigation

When the FTA-750L receives a VOR signal, the display automatically switches to the NAV band screen and shows the CDI. The top of the compass rose always indicates the direction set as the OBS. The SOG (Speed Over Ground) is displayed only when the FTA-850L internal GPS unit is activated and a fix is acquired.

Easy to operate menu system

The FTA-750L comes configured with an easy to operate icon driven menu system. The displays and menu settings are logically configured for a more intuitive user interface.

Huge Dot Matrix LCD display

The FTA-750L features a huge 1.7" x 1.7" full dot matrix LCD display with full backlight and dimmer. The high resolution display makes it easier to view all the great features the FTA-750L has to offer.

200 Channel Memory bank

The FTA-750L can store up to 200 Memory channels for quick and easy retrieval. With the capability of using up to 15 Alphanumeric characters per name the FTA-550 allows for a better channel description.

PC Programmable

The FTA-750L channel configurations can easily be reprogrammed using the supplied USB programming cable and the optional YCE01 programming software.

Frequency range: TX: 118.000-136.9916, RX: 108.000-136.9916 MHz (NAV and COM bands) / 329.150-335.000 (Glide slope)
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  • Display: Huge 1.7 x 1.7 inch Full-Dot matrix Display (160x160 pixel)
  • Battery capacity: Li-ion 2200 mAh (7.2V)
  • Accessory connector: 1-pin Yeasu connector (Y)
  • ILS Navigation Display (Localizer and Glide Scope): Yes, when the FTA-750L receives an ILS signal the display will automatically switch to the NAV band screen
  • VOR Navigation Display: Yes, when the FTA-750L receives an VOR signal the display will automatically switch to the NAV band screen
  • Waypoint Navigation: Yes, the navigation feature of the FTA-750L presents a compass that helps determine the destination and bearing at a glance
  • NOAA Weather channel receive: Yes
  • NOAA Weather Alert: Yes
  • Waterproof index: IPx5
  • GPS function: Yes, integrated 66 channel WAAS GPS receiver
  • Vox function: Yes, 5 Levels
  • Scan function: Yes
  • Dual Watch function: Yes

Electrical data

  • Frequency step: 8.33 kHz / 25 kHz /
  • Channels: 200 channels with 15 character alphanumeric tags
  • Operating temperature: -10℃ to +60℃
  • Supply voltage: 6.0 to 9.5 Volt
  • Current consumption: Mono band Receive: 180 mA / Dual band Receive: 220 mA / Mono band Receive, Standby: 110 mA / Dual band Receive, Standby: 145 mA / Mono band Receive, Standby, Saver on ‘Save Ratio 1:10: 74 mA / Dual band Receive, Standby, Saver on ‘Save Ratio 1:10: 74 mA / GPS on: +15 mA / Digital on: +3 Ma / AM,FM Radio: 125 mA / Auto Power Off: 600 μA / 144 MHz, 5 Watt, 7.4V: 1.6 A / 430 MHz, 5 Watt, 7.4V: 1.9 A


  • Power output (Watts): Carrier Power: 1.5 Watt / PEP: 5.0 Watt
  • Spurious Emission: >70 dB below carrier
  • Frequency stability: Better than ±1 ppm (-10℃ to +60℃)
  • Modulation system: Low Level Amplitude Modulation
  • Internal microphone type: Condensor
  • External microphone impedance: 150 Ω


  • Sensitivity: Better than 0.8 μV (for 6 dB S/N with 1 kHz, 30 % modulation)
  • Audio power output: 0.8 W (16 Ω, THD10%)
  • Receiving system: Dual conversion superheterodyne
  • Intermediate frequency: VHF: 47.25 MHz / UHF: 46.35 MHz, 450 kHz
  • Selectivity: >8 kHz/–6 dB @ 25 kHz channel spacing
  • Adjacent channel selectivity: <25 kHz/–60 dB @ 25 kHz channel spacing

GPS unit

  • Receiver channels: 66 Channels
  • Sensitivity: ≤ –147 dBm
  • Time to first fix: Cold start: 1 minute typical / Hot start: 5 seconds typical
  • Geodetic Datum: WGS84

Mechanical data

  • Length: 34 mm
  • Height: 133 mm
  • Width: 62 mm
  • Weight: 410 gram
  • Antenna connector: BNC
  • Housing: Rugged construction certified to MIL-STD-810F

Inside the box

  • Transceiver: Yes
  • Battery: Yes, SBR-39LI Li-ion Battery Pack (7.2V 2200mAh)
  • Charger: Desk charger with AC adapter (SBH-11 - SAD-25C)
  • Installation manual: English
  • Antenna: Yes, SRA-20A Helical antenna
  • Cigarette lighter DC/DC converter: Yes, SDD-12
  • Beltclip: Yes, SHB-11
  • Headset adapter: Yes, SCU-42
  • Alkaline battery tray: Yes, SBT-12
  • USB programming cable: Yes, T9101606 (mini USB / USB-A)
  • Ferrite Core: Yes, L9190192