HamKing - DP-27

Product code: 6123
Factory code: 6123

27 MHz Dipole antenna for the CB and 10 meter band.

High quality materials with stainless steel cables.

Do you enjoy DX operations? This simple 27 MHz dipole is ideal for this, because horizontal polarization is generally preferable for DX operation. With a length of approx. 5.5 meter, this antenna can also be quickly and easily stretched between two trees for portable use.

Adjust the SWR by shortening(dipole is supplied too long, since SWR depends on the environment). Copper crimp sleeves and " insulators" for final assembly included.

Frequency range: 26 - 30 MHz
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Electrical data

  • Electrical type: 1/2 λ
  • VSWR: 1.1
  • Power peak: 500 Watts (PEP)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Polarization: Linear vertical

Mechanical data

  • Materials: 1.5 mm thick stainless steel cables
  • Width: 5500 mm
  • Weight: 200 gram
  • Antenna connector: UHF-female

Inside the box

  • Antenna: Yes
  • Installation manual: English