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Boomerang - 714 low profile red

Product code: 7206

The original Boomerang 714 low profile red is one of the best mobile RV TV antenna* available worldwide. This Boomerang antenna is made of plastic with red led lights.

Note: All models of Boomerang Antennas are available only in white plastic which requires painting to match your vehicle color. If unpainted, they will become discolored over time. Antennas must be tested for performance prior to painting; altered products may void the manufacturer's warranty.

* Over time the broadcasting of TV has changed and in many countries the Boomerang Antennas can't be used for TV reception any more. Nowadays the Boomerang Antennas have more a cosmetic or show function.

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Mechanical data

  • Materials: ABS
  • Length: 40,64 cm
  • Height: 7,62 cm
  • Width: 55,88 cm
  • Led light: Red

Inside the box

  • Antenna: Yes
  • Antenna cable: Yes