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K-PO - HS 300 M-1

Product code: 1500

The K-PO HS 300 M-1 is a built-in speaker microphone set for a open or system full face motorcycle helmet. These headsets are easy to install with velcor strips in your helmet and is equipped with a angled M-1 connector. The headset is suitable for e.g. XTN 446 and professional Motorola.

Note - Discontinued
€ -- (Discontinued)

Electrical data

  • Speaker size: 60 mm
  • Impendance speaker: 16 Ohm
  • Audio output speaker: 150 mW
  • Sensitivity microphone: -62 dB ±1 dB/Pa
  • Impendance microphone: 2K Ohm

Mechanical data

  • Weight: 118 gram