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RigExpert - Tokenblauser GPSDO

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The RigExpert Tokenblauser is a low-noise, GPS-controlled oscillator featuring four independent outputs, making it ideal for laboratory and experimental applications.

Optimized as a laboratory reference clock, the Tokenblauser offers exceptional stability of 0.001 ppm (or better), and is suitable for driving PLLs in RF, microwave, and satellite systems. It includes an additional 10 MHz output, with all signals provided as standard 3.3V CMOS on BNC connectors.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Tokenblauser is a developer-friendly platform. It is Arduino-compatible, and the firmware is open-source. Advanced users can make minimal or no changes to the code or hardware to:

  • Connect the GPSDO to a computer for debugging or data processing, such as creating ADEV/MDEV diagrams.
  • Modify the firmware to experiment with various PLL and FLL algorithms.
  • Use custom GPS modules and GPS antennas.
  • Integrate different types of OCXOs and rubidium oscillators.

For more information click (.pdf link): RigExpert Tokenblauser user manual

Frequency range: 0.16 - 200 MHz
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  • PLL synthesized outputs: 4
  • Output frequency range: 0.16 to 200/350/710 MHz (depending on a PLL type)
  • Frequency setting: With 1Hz steps (or very fine tuning with 1 ppt steps)
  • Auxiliary output: 10 MHz
  • Frequency stability: 0.001 ppm or better
  • Signal levels: 3.3V CMOS logic
  • Output connector: BNC
  • GNSS antenna type: External, active, 3.3V
  • GNSS constellations: GPS, Galileo
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 25mm (PCB) / 105mm x 105mm x 35mm (enclosure)
  • Accessories inside the box: 12V power adapter (EU or US) / GPS active antenna / USB cable / User’s manual