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RM - BLA703

Product code: 50200032

Base version of the popular RM KL703 with added features. Excessive input power, output VSWR, temperature and out of band transmission protection*.

With an integrated 15 Volt 60 Ampere power supply, with over voltage, current and temperature protection*.

The heatsink is large and fed by two 120 mm fans that take air from the front and expel it out of the back. It should be able to sustain long transmission times and be very quiet.

It also features three internal temperature sensors that will very carefully monitor the temperature of the transistors, the heatsink and also the ambient air temperature supplied from the fans.

It will have three user selectable power levels like the RM KL703. These are input attenuators and the input must not exceed 30 Watts. The input power is also monitored and will automatically switch the amplifier back to standby if this level is exceeded*.

*Protection circuits are not 100% guaranteed. To prevent damage to your amplifier always check your VSWR after changing bands, no hot switching, no excessive input power etc.

Frequency range: 25 - 30 MHz
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Electrical data

  • Input power (Watts): 1-30W max (All modes)
  • Max output power (Watts): 550W max
  • Max input SWR: 1.1-1.5:1
  • Fuse: 8A or 4A (5x20 mm Fast)
  • Cooling fans: 2

Mechanical data

  • Input connector: UHF (PL) female
  • Output connector: UHF (PL) female
  • Length: 415 mm
  • Height: 170 mm
  • Width: 305 mm
  • Weight: 13000 gram