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Sirio - T4 27 S mount FME

Product code: 220261528
Factory code: 2202615.28

The new T4 27 S mount FME is supplied with a S mount and a 5 meter RG58 cable with a FME female connector on the cable end.

Big advantage of the S mount is that the installation is much flatter on the inside (bottom) than a standard N mount. Great for installation in the roofs of cars, agricultural- and construction machines and other machinery where space can be limited.

On the FME female connector you can easily connect an optional and matching PL 259 connector, for example product code 30002.

The T4 27 is the improved and longer version of the Sirio T3 27, which gives a better performance in most situations.

Tunable top screw to fine-tune the antenna, with a protective rubber cap.

Frequency range: 26.9 - 27.5 MHz
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€49.95 (41.28 excl. 21% VAT)

Electrical data

  • Electrical type: Logarithmic loaded
  • VSWR: ≤ 1.2
  • Bandwidth: 700 kHz (65 channels) ≤ 2.0
  • Maximum continuous power: 20 Watts (CW)
  • Power peak: 100 Watts (CW)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Polarization: Linear vertical
  • Cable: Yes
  • Cable length: 5 meter / RG 58

Mechanical data

  • Materials: Brass, stainless steel, nylon
  • Height: 735 mm
  • Weight: 420 gram
  • Mounting type: Thru-hole
  • Antenna connector: FME female

Inside the box

  • Antenna: Yes
  • Radio connector: Not included, optional
  • Mounting parts: Yes
  • Antenna cable: Yes
  • Installation manual: English, Italian

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