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Solarcon - Antron A99 + GPK-1 ground plane kit

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Solarcon Antron A99

The Solarcon Antron A99 omni-directional antenna comes in three easy to assemble sections. Insulated up to 14,500 Volts and can handle 2000 Watts of power. The 1/2 wave antenna with high gain, SWR tuning and broad bandwidth covers far above and below the traditional CB channels. Heavy-duty mounting plate withstands greater wind loads. Can be used for export, commercial and 10 Meter ham radios.

Solarcon GPK-1

The Solarcon GPK-1 is the original ground plane kit for use with the Solarcon Antron A99.

Frequency range: 26 - 30 MHz (tuneable)
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Electrical data

  • Gain: 9.9 dBi
  • Maximum continuous power: 2000 Watts (CW)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Polarization: Linear vertical
  • Install GPK-1: at the base of the Solarcon Antron A-99 antennas

Mechanical data

  • Materials: Fiberglass
  • Height: 5500 mm (including bracket)
  • Weight: 3000 gram
  • Mounting type: On mast
  • Antenna connector: UHF-female
  • Radials length: 4x 1778 mm

Inside the box

  • Antenna: Yes
  • Mounting parts: Yes
  • Installation manual: English
  • Ground plane kit: Yes