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Tecsun - AN-48x

Product code: 5000048
Factory code: 5000048
Barcode: 6920487500487

The Tecsun AN-48x is a portable indoor active loop antenna for enhancing the reception sensitivity of Longwave (LW), Medium Wave (MW) and Shortwave (SW) signals. The antenna comes with three types of connector cable and a ferrite coupler for connecting to different types of radios, like the Tecsun S-2000, Tecsun S-8800 and Tecsun PL series.

Frequency range: LW: 120 - 400 kHz / MW (AM): 520 - 1700 kHz / SW: 3500 - 20000 kHz
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  • Line in/out sockets: Yes

    Frequency range

  • MW (AM): 520 - 1700 kHz
  • LW: 120 - 400 kHz
  • SW: 3500 - 20000 kHz

Inside the box

  • User manual: English
  • Antenna wire and amplifier: Yes
  • Control box: Yes,
  • TRS male – TRS male cable: Yes, connecting the amplifier and control box
  • TRS female – BNC male cable: Yes,for radios with BNC antenna socket
  • TRS female – RCA male cable: Yes, for radios with RCA antenna socket
  • TRS female – connector clips cable: Yes,transmits the amplifier output signal to the radios telescopic antenna
  • Ferrite coupler: Yes, couples the amplifier output signal to the built-in magnetic antenna, for radios without a LW/SW antenna stocket
  • Base station: Yes, holder for portable radios
  • Suction cup: Yes, to suspend the loop antenna
  • Hanging clip: Yes, to suspend the loop antenna
  • Loop extension rod: Yes