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TTI - AMC B101 P6

Product code: 770101
Factory code: 770101
Barcode: 8809075210251

The TTI AMC B101 can be used as a replacement microphone for the new TTI TCB-900evo and TTI TCB-1100evo series. It can also be used on older TTI CB radios that have the 6-pin connector. The TTI AMC B101 replaces the TTI AMC 5020 (5020) and TTI AMC 5021 (770880) microphones.

On top of the TTI AMC B101 are three buttons: UP / M/VOX / DOWN. The UP and DOWN buttons are for changing the channel of your CB radio. The M/VOX button has different functions on the old and new TTI CB Radios.

  • On the TTI TCB-660 / TCB-770 / TCB-880 / TCB-881 / TCB-900 and TCB-1100 series the M/VOX button has the MUTE and LOCK function.
  • On the TTI TCB-900evo and TCB-1100evo series the M/VOX button has the MUTE function and can be used to (de)active the VOX function.

If your TTI CB radio is not mentioned please contact us first if it can be used on your TTI CB radio.

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  • Suitable for: TTI TCB-660 / TTI TCB-770 / TTI TCB-771 / TTI TCB-775 / TTI TCB-880 / TTI TCB-881 / TTI TCB-900 / TTI TCB 900evo / TTI TCB-900HP / TTI TCB-950 / TTI TCB-1100 / TTI TCB 1100evo /
  • Up down: Yes
  • Lock button: Yes
  • VOX function: Yes
  • Microphone type: Dynamic microphone

Mechanical data

  • Cable Length: 3 meter
  • Microphone connector: 6-pin

Microphone wiring

  • Up: Pin 2
  • Down: Pin 2
  • Receive: Pin 6
  • Transmit: Pin 3
  • Mic Audio: Pin 4
  • Ground: Pin 5