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Yaesu - FT-710 Field

Product code: XAH080H005-0E
Factory code: XAH080H005-0E
Barcode: 4909959178456

We will add the black Yaesu cap to each FT-710 FIELD order.

The new Yaesu FT-710 Field, a compact HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver. The Field edition is ideal for portable use with the carrying strap.

SDR circuit configuration emphasizes Receiving Performance
The FT-710 is equipped with the same high resolution A/D converter and FPGA used in Yaesu high end SDR transceivers. The twin A/D converter circuit configuration performs digital conversion processing using two A/D converters. The digital signal is combined by the FPGA to reduce overload and overflow of the A/D converters and improve blocking characteristics. In addition, random noise is added to the analog signal before digital conversion, distortion is suppressed by minimizing the quantization error during digital conversion by the A/D converter and a dithering technology that improves IM (Intermodulation) characteristics is adopted. The overall performance of the SDR receiving circuit is superb.

Quick Memory Bank (QMB) function
The QMB function can be used to store dedicated memory channels (Quick Memory Bank). With one touch a memory can easily be recalled. The Quick Memory Bank stores the freq uency, the mode, and also the transmit/receive settings, filter and other parameters, so operating may begin quickly in the best condition without resetting, when switching bands. Memory settings can be easily checked by listing the memory contents on the display. (up to 10 memory channels are available).

Front panel design emphasizes operating efficiency and comfort.
Compact transceiver, with a large 4.3 inch full color TFT with touch panel display provides intuitive operation and outstanding visibility. Primary operating functions are arranged on the front and centered above the VFO dial for operating efficiency and instant access.

Frequency range: TX: 1.8-54 / 70-70.5 MHz, RX: 30 kHz-75 MHz / 50-53.99 / 70-70.49 MHz
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  • Display: 4.3 inch Full-Color TFT Display with Touch Panel
  • Bandwidth: SSB: 3 kHz / CW: 500 Hz / AM: 6 kHz / FM: 16 kHz
  • VOX function: Yes
  • Mode of emission: A1A (CW) / A3E (AM) / J3E (SSB) / F3E (FM)
  • Quick Memory Bank (QMB): Yes, The current operation status can be stored in a dedicated memory channel (QMB: Quick Memory Bank) with one touch
  • Scope: The Scope function provides a real time spectrum display of the band conditions.
  • Intercept Point Optimization (IPO): Yes, The IPO function can establish the gain of the RF amplifier section to accommodate the connected antenna and the received signal conditions
  • IF Noise Blanker (NB): Yes, The FT-710 includes an effective IF Noise Blanker, which can significantly reduce noise caused by automotive ignition systems
  • IF SHIFT Operation: Yes, IF Shift permits moving the digital filter passband higher or lower, without changing the pitch of the incoming signal
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Yes, The AGC system is designed to help compensate for fading and other propagation effect
  • Digital NOTCH Filter (DNF): Yes, The Digital NOTCH Filter (DNF) is an effective beat-canceling filter that can null out a number of interfering beat notes inside the receiver passband
  • IF NOTCH Filter (NOTCH): Yes, The IF NOTCH filter is a highly effective system that allows you to slice out an interfering beat note or other carrier signal from inside the receiver passband
  • AF / RF gain / Squelch: Yes
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner (ATU): Yes, The Automatic Antenna Tuner is built into each FT-710. The ATU is designed to ensure that a 50 Ω antenna impedance load is presented to the final amplifier stage of transmitter
  • Parametric Microphone Equalizer: Yes, The FT-710 includes a unique Three-Band Parametric Microphone Equalizer that provides precise, independent control over the low, mid and treble ranges in the voice waveform.
  • Time-Out Timer (TOT): Yes, The “Time-Out Timer” (TOT) shuts the transmitter OFF after continuously transmitting for the programmed time
  • Band Stack: Yes, The Yaesu FT-710 utilizes a triple band-stack VFO selection technique that permits storing of up to three favorite frequencies and modes onto each band VFO register.
  • MicroSD card slot: Yes
  • External phone jack: Connect headphones to this standard φ3.5 stereo jack
  • External GND socket: Yes
  • External speaker socket: Yes
  • External REM/ALC socket: Yes
  • External KEY jack: Yes
  • External RTTY/DATA jack: Yes
  • External USB jack: Yes
  • External USB socket: Yes
  • External display socket: Yes

Electrical data

  • Operating temperature: 0℃ to +50℃
  • Frequency step SSB/CW/AM: 1 Hz / 5 Hz / 10 Hz / 20 Hz
  • Frequency step FM/C4FM: 100 Hz
  • Frequency stability: ±0.5 PPM
  • Operating voltage: 13.8 Volt ± 15% (Negative Ground)
  • Current consumption: RX (no signal): 1.8 A / RX (signal present): 2.2 A / TX (100W): 21 A


  • Power output (Watts): SSB, CW, FM: 5-100 Watts / AM: 5-25 Watts
  • Modulation type: J3E / A3E / F3E
  • Maximum deviation: Wide:±5.0 kHz / Narrow: ±2.5 kHz
  • Harmonic Radiation 1.8 - 29.7 MHz: Better than -50 dB
  • Harmonic Radiation 50 - 54 MHz: Better than -63 dB
  • Antenna impedance (Antenna tuner 'OFF'): 50 Ω (unbalanced)
  • Antenna impedance (Antenna tuner 'ON') 1.8-29.7 MHz: 16.7-150 Ω (unbalanced)
  • Antenna impedance (Antenna tuner 'ON') 50 MHz: 25 - 100 Ω (unbalanced)
  • Microphone impedance: 600 Ω (200 - 10k Ω)
  • SSB Carrier Suppresion: At least 60 dB below peak output
  • Undesired Sideband Suppression: At least 60 dB below peak output
  • Audio response SSB: Not more than -6 dB from 300 - 2700 Hz


  • Sensitivity 1.8-30 MHz SSB/CW: 0.16 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (2.4 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 50-54 MHz SSB/CW: 0.125 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (2.4 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 70-70.5 MHz SSB/CW: 0.16 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (2.4 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 0.5-1.8 MHz AM: 6.3 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz / @ 400Hz)
  • Sensitivity 1.8-30 MHz AM: 2.0 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz / @ 400Hz)
  • Sensitivity 50-54 MHz AM: 1.0 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz / @ 400Hz)
  • Sensitivity 70-70.5 MHz AM: 2.0 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz / @ 400Hz)
  • Sensitivity 1.8-30 MHz FM: 0.25 μV typ for 12 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (12 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 50-54 MHz FM: 0.2 μV typ for 12 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (12 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 70-70.5 MHz FM: 0.25 μV typ for 12 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (12 kHz)
  • Intermediate frequency: SSB/CW, 18 kHz, AM/FM: 24 kHz
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) CW: 0.5 kHz or better / 0.75 kHz or less
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) SSB: 2.4 kHz or better / 3.6 kHz or less
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) AM: 6.0 kHz or better / 15 kHz or less
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) FM: 12 kHz or better / 25 kHz or less
  • Receiving system: Direct Sampling superheterodyne
  • Strength of secondary radio waves: ≤4 nW
  • Audio power output: 2.5W (THD10%, 13.8 V)
  • Audio output impedance: 4 - 16 Ω (Nominal: 4 Ω)
  • Image rejection 1.8-28 MHz: 70 dB or better
  • Image rejection 50 MHz: 60 dB or better

Mechanical data

  • Length: 247 mm
  • Height: 80 mm
  • Width: 160 mm
  • Weight: 3500 gram
  • Antenna connector: UHF (PL) female (SO-239)
  • Microphone connector: RJ45

Inside the box

  • Transceiver: Yes
  • DC power cable: Yes
  • Installation manual: English
  • Microphone: Yes, SSM-75E Microphone
  • Fuse: Yes, Spare fuse (25 A)
  • Carrying belt: Yes

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