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Yaesu - FT-DX10

Product code: XAH076H005-0E
Factory code: XAH076H005-0E
Barcode: 4909959173697

We are pleased to introduce the FT-DX10, a new long-awaited compact HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver!

Hybrid SDR Configuration

Like the FT-DX101 series, the new FT-DX10 utilizes the Yaesu Hybrid SDR configuration - Narrow Band SDR and Direct Sampling SDR. The Narrow band SDR receiver emphasizes excellent receiver performance, while the Direct Sampling SDR provides a Digital Processing Real-Time Spectrum Scope.

Narrow Band SDR with 3 types of Roofing Filters and Phenomenal Multi-signal receiving Characteristics

Like the FT-DX101 series, the Down Conversion type receiver configuration with the first IF at 9MHz has been adopted. It makes it possible to incorporate excellent narrow bandwidth crystal roofing filters that have the desired sharp “cliff edge” shape factor. Thanks to the Narrow Band SDR with the latest circuit configuration including 500 Hz, 3 kHz and 12 kHz roofing filters and low-noise oscillator, the RMDR (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range) reaches 116 dB or more, the close-in BDR (Blocking Dynamic Range) reaches 141dB or more and 3rd IMDR (third-order Intermodulation Dynamic Range) reaches 109 dB or more in the 14 MHz band at 2 kHz separation.

250 MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) affords Quiet and Clear Reception

The local circuit of the new FT-DX10 uses 250 MHz HRDDS method same as the FTDX101 series. Thanks to its characteristics that improve the C/N (carrier to noise) ratio and the careful selection of components in the design, the phase noise characteristic of the local signal achieves an excellent value of -145 dB or less in 14 MHz at 2 kHz separation.

3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream) on the 5-inch Full-Color TFT Display with Touch-Panel Functionality

The 5-inch Full-Color panel shows the 3DSS display. By touching the frequency display, the numeric keypad is displayed, and the active band and frequency adjustment can be set by direct input. Frequency setting and adjustment can also be performed by turning the MAIN dial or touching the scope display. Similar to the FTDX101 series, the MULTI display, RX operation status display, Center, FIX and Cursor modes are available.

Front Panel Designed for Superior Operating Efficiency

MPVD (Multi-Purpose VFO Outer Dial), is a large multi-purpose ring around the outside of the VFO dial that enables control of Clarifier, C/S (custom selection function) and recall of memory channels.

Remote Operation with optional LAN unit (SCU-LAN10)

Remote operation of the transceiver is possible with the optional SCU-LAN10 and SCU-LAN10 Network Remote Control Software. In addition to controlling the transceiver basic operations, the versatile scope displays enable sophisticated operations such as monitoring the band conditions on a large display at a location away from the ham shack by connection to a home LAN network.

The features of the new FT-DX10 include:

  • 15 separate band pass filters
  • Effective QRM rejection with the IF DSP (IF SHIFT/WIDTH, IF NOTCH DNF, DNR, COUNTOUR) High-quality and super stable final amplifier utilizing the new push-pull MOSFET RD70HUP2 Aluminum Heat Sink with 80mm low-noise axial flow cooling fan
  • High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner with a large capacity 100-channel memory
  • RF & AF Transmit Monitor
  • Microphone Amplifier with Three-stage parametric Equalizer (SSB/ AM mode)
  • QMB (Quick Memory Bank)
  • Band Stack Function
  • Optional speaker – SP-30 designed for the new FT-DX10
  • Optional roofing filter (300Hz) – XF-130CN available
Frequency range: TX: 1.8-54 MHz, RX: 30 kHz - 75 MHz
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  • Display: 5 inch Full-Color TFT Display with Touch-Panel
  • Emergency (SOS) function: Yes
  • Mode of emission: A1A (CW) / A3E (AM) / J3E (SSB) / F2D (FM) / F3E (FM) / F1B (RTTY) / G1B (PSK
  • VFO/Memory Scan: Yes
  • Programmable Memory Scan (PMS): Yes, The PMS feature is especially useful in helping to observe any operating sub-band limits which apply to your Amateur license class.
  • AF / RF gain / Squelch: Yes
  • Noise Blanker: Yes
  • Time-Out Timer (TOT): Yes, The “Time-Out Timer” (TOT) shuts the transmitter OFF after continuously transmitting for the programmed time.
  • Band Stack: Yes
  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR): Yes, The Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) system is designed to reduce the level of ambient noise found on the HF and 50 MHz bands.
  • Quick Memory Bank (QMB): Yes, The current operation status can be stored in a dedicated memory channel (QMB: Quick Memory Bank) with one touch.
  • External phone jack: Connect headphones to this standard φ3.5 stereo jack.
  • MicroSD card slot: Yes
  • External speaker socket: Yes
  • External tuner socket: Yes
  • External RTTY/DATA jack: Yes
  • External ground socket: Yes
  • External REM socket: Yes
  • External linear socket: Yes
  • External RS-232C socket: Yes
  • External USB socket: Yes
  • External USB jack: Yes
  • External Key socket: Yes
  • External display socket: Yes
  • External ACC socket: Yes

Electrical data

  • Wide and narrow bandwidth selection: Yes
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ to +50℃
  • Frequency step SSB/CW: 1 Hz / 10 Hz
  • Frequency step AM/FM: 10 Hz / 100 Hz
  • Frequency stability: ±0.5 PPM
  • Operating voltage: 13.8 Volt ± 15% (Negative Ground)
  • Current consumption: RX (no signal): 2.5 A / RX (signal present): 2.0 A / TX (100W): 23 A


  • Power output (Watts): SSB, CW, FM: 5-100 Watts / AM: 5-25 Watts
  • Spurious Emission: 1.8-30 MHz: Better than -50 dB / 50 MHz: Better than -63 dB
  • Modulation type: J3E / A3E / F3E
  • Maximum deviation: Wide:±5.0 kHz / Narrow: ±2.5 kHz
  • Harmonic Radiation 1.8 - 29.7 MHz: Better than -50 dB
  • Harmonic Radiation 50 MHz: Better than -63 dB
  • Harmonic Radiation 70 MHz (UK amateur band): Better than -60 dB
  • Antenna impedance (Antenna tuner 'OFF'): 50 Ω (unbalanced)
  • Antenna impedance (Antenna tuner 'ON') HF: 16.7-150 Ω (unbalanced)
  • Antenna impedance (Antenna tuner 'ON') 50 MHz: 25 - 100 Ω (unbalanced)
  • Microphone impedance: 600 Ω (200 - 10k Ω )
  • SSB Carrier Suppresion: At least 60 dB below peak output
  • Undesired Sideband Suppression: At least 60 dB below peak output
  • 3rd-order IMD: -31 dB @14 MHz 100W PEP
  • Audio response SSB: Not more than -6 dB from 300 - 2700 Hz


  • Sensitivity 1.8-30 MHz SSB/CW: 0.16μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (2.4 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 50-54 MHz SSB/CW: 0.125μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (2.4 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 70-70.5 MHz SSB/CW: 0.125μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (2.4 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 0.5-1.8 MHz AM: 7.9 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 1.8-30 MHz AM: 2.0 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 50-54 MHz AM: 1.0 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 70-70.5 MHz AM: 2.0 μV typ for 10 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (30% modulation, 6.0 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 28-30 MHz FM: 0.25 μV typ for 12 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (1 kHz 3.5 kHz DEV BW: 12 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 50-54 MHz FM: 0.20 μV typ for 12 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (1 kHz 3.5 kHz DEV BW: 12 kHz)
  • Sensitivity 70-70.5 MHz FM: 0.25 μV typ for 12 dB SINAD (AMP2 “ON”) (1 kHz 3.5 kHz DEV BW: 12 kHz)
  • Intermediate frequency 1st: 9.005 MHz
  • Intermediate frequency 2nd: 24 kHz
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) CW (BW=0.5 kHz): 0.5 kHz or better / 0.75 kHz or less
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) SSB (BW=2.4 kHz): 2.4 kHz or better / 3.6 kHz or less
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) AM (BW=6 kHz): 6.0 kHz or better / 15 kHz or less
  • Selectivity (-6 dB/-60 dB) FM (BW=12 kHz): 12 kHz or better / 30 kHz or less
  • Receiving system: Dual conversion superheterodyne
  • Strength of secondary radio waves: ≤4 nW
  • Audio power output: 2.5W (THD10%, 13.8 V)
  • Audio output impedance: 4 - 16 Ω ( Nominal: 8 Ω)
  • Image rejection 1.8-28 MHz: 70 dB or better
  • Image rejection 50 MHz: 60 dB or better

Mechanical data

  • Length: 266 mm
  • Height: 91 mm
  • Width: 263 mm
  • Weight: 5900 gram
  • Antenna connector: UHF (PL) female (SO-239)
  • Microphone connector: RJ45

Inside the box

  • Transceiver: Yes
  • DC power cable: Yes
  • Installation manual: English
  • Plug: Yes, 6.3 mm 3-contact plug
  • Microphone: Yes, SSM-75E Microphone
  • Fuse: Yes, Spare fuse (25 A)

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