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Yaesu - SCU-LAN10 network interface

Product code: ABB80X002
Factory code: ABB80X002
Barcode: 4909959174540

Yaesu SCU-LAN10 network remote control system for use with the FT-710*, FT-DX10, FT-DX101 and FT-DX-101MP. With the network remote interface you can connect your radio with internet.

*Update, the SCU-LAN10 can now also be used with the FT-710 series. Please note that you may need to update the firmware of both your FT-710 and SCU-LAN10. You will find both firmware updates on the Yaesu website, www.yaesu.com, under the tab 'files' on the FT-710 product page.

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  • Suitable for: Yaesu FT-DX10 / Yaesu FT-DX101 / Yaesu FT-DX101MP

    Electrical data

  • Voltage: 13.8 Volt
  • Current consumption: 800 mA
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C

    Mechanical data

  • Length: 135 mm
  • Height: 31,5 mm
  • Width: 111 mm
  • Weight: 420 gram

    Inside the box

  • Network interface: 1 pcs
  • Connection Cable: Yes, 13 pin DIN plug
  • USB A-B Cable: Yes
  • Ferrite core: 2 pcs

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